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Get in touch with our team to book a celebrity for your next event!

Talent For Cons
c/o Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc.
PO Box 644437
Vero Beach, FL 32964

+1 (407) 536-9340 | office
+1 (407) 567-7915 | fax

Generl Mailbox:
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Ready to book a celebrity?

EMAIL US the following information:

  1. NAME of your event.
  2. DATE of your event.
  3. AGE of your event. (What year number is this?)
  4. ATTENDANCE of last year’s event.
  5. WEBSITE for your event.
  6. WHO you would like at your event.

Please limit requests to no more than three (3) celebrities at a time (unless requesting a complete cast from a specific show).