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Virtual Appearances


COVID-19 has impacted hundreds of pop culture conventions around the world due to venue closures, quarantines and capacity limitations. As a result, many conventions are offering “virtual events” to continue showcasing their brand while staying connected with their attendees. A number of the media guests we represent have become acclimated with the technology required to make a “virtual appearance”.


The idea is simple: a convention would buy an agreed upon number of autographed prints/items from the Talent and, in exchange for doing so, Talent will agree to appear for a live panel (typically a Q&A session) during the convention’s virtual appearance.

  1. Review our roster and select one of our clients that you feel might fit your convention:
  2. One of our Agents will get you the cost involved. For example, Talent may request a $500 guarantee and sell their autographs for $25 each. Thus, the Convention would purchase twenty (20) autographs total.
  3. There is a $100 processing fee per Talent agreement. This includes packing and shipping the signed autographs to you after the virtual appearance with tracking.
  4. The Convention can sell these autographs in advance of the appearance to their attendees.
  5. After the virtual appearance is completed, the Convention will email a list of names to the Agent for autograph personalization. Once received, the prints will be packed and shipped to the Convention within two weeks for fulfillment. (The Convention is responsible for shipping the prints to their fans and, as a result, will want to charge a S&H fee when they sell the autographs.)


Have other questions or are you ready to get started? Call (407) 536-9272 or email us: We look forward to hearing from you.